Basic HTML & CSS News Site Part 1

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| January 4th, 2014 | Posted in Blog Design |

21 Responses to “Basic HTML & CSS News Site Part 1”

  1. holyshitcakebatman Says:

    That would be a big help! I just need to see what it looks like then I can
    make sense of all of it by messing with it a little bit. Thanks a lot!

  2. Todd Shelton Says:

    Look in the description and you will find the final files.

  3. Frederik Kiel Says:

    I would like to add facebook/twitter links to the right on the top navBar..
    How can i do this without it making a new line? (I want it to be on the
    same “line”)

  4. Todd Shelton Says:

    Would it help if I added the finished files?

  5. holyshitcakebatman Says:

    I think you should redo this again. Itsa great tutorial, but it’s
    frustrating when you can’t see what you’re typing. It’s way too small.

  6. Rafael Reynoso Says:

    you’re awsome, thanks

  7. Todd Shelton Says:

    Next one I will try to make the font bigger.

  8. Celestia Rohling Says:

    how do i create a nav bar on top of an image?

  9. Todd Shelton Says:

    I will try to get to this soon.

  10. Todd Shelton Says:

    Thank you very much.

  11. holyshitcakebatman Says:

    Thanks man! Im doing my first website in CS5. I can read HTML better than I
    can write it, let alone CSS, which is more foreign to me than familiar. I’m
    having issues with the CSS page being recognized so Im trying what I can to
    get it to take, but no luck yet. You do a really good job at explaining
    things though. I’m more of a visual learner so I tried my best to get my
    navigation horizontal and equally spaced.

  12. Todd Shelton Says:

    Great. I’m glad you did figured it out. If not the best thing to do is use
    the image as the background in CSS and then you can put anything on top of
    the image.

  13. Todd Shelton Says:

    So do you mean you want and image behind the navbar?

  14. Celestia Rohling Says:

    yes, but i think i figured it out. Thanks! Your videos are very helpful.

  15. WestCoastBombz Says:

    Thanks a lot very helpful, but for some reason the banner isnt properly
    being centered. Its the first time im messing css, more familiar with html,
    but for some reason i cant get the banner to center properly, and its
    really hard to see your text :( but again thank you very helpful for noobs
    like IIII

  16. Todd Shelton Says:

    Your welcome I’m glad I could help.

  17. kvntv Says:

    This helped me alot, I’m starting a website for a programn I’ll do on
    youtube, I’m going to give you promotion since the firts day Thank you very

  18. Todd Shelton Says:

    Sorry for the small text. I’m trying make it better for future ones. Make
    sure you are setting a width on the banner div. That will help in
    centering. Since Div’s take up 100% of the page anyway you need to set a
    width in order to center them.

  19. ryeleo Says:

    Well verse. A good teacher. I’m learning a lot.

  20. Todd Shelton Says:

    You will need to set a width on the nav bar. So lets say your page is 800px
    wide. You need to set the navbar to 600px and then the social div to 200px.
    Then you will need to float: left on both the navbar and social div you
    created. Also don’t forget to clear your floats after your social div. If
    you don’t the rest of the page will not look right. I hope that helped you.

  21. kvntv Says:

    Todd I would like to know, can you do a tutorial or tell us how to put just
    one navigation bar to show in every page of the site, so when it comes time
    to put a new link or something just with one edit it’s done, it’s kinda
    hard to go to every html file and make the changes. Thanks! (I tried to use
    frames but I don’t know what I was doing it didn’t work)